Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to update a theme during design-time

Update theme during design time with LinsUIWPF Suite.

Step 2: Create a text file named Goldcing.ini under “C:\Windows”,
Copy the following content into Goldcing.ini file.
Resource file="Themes\Traditional Themes\MyTheme.xaml"

Step 3: Go to the Solution Explorer in Visual Studio,
Step 4: Go to the project in which the theme resource file resides,
Step 5: Right mouse button click at the resource file (for example, GoldcingCincinTheme.xaml) in which the theme resides and select “Properties”
Step 6: Select “Resource” as Build Action,
Step 7: Right mouse button click at the project and select “Clean”,
Step 8: After cleaning the project, build the project again.

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