Sunday, February 15, 2015

Trouble Shooting

1.     Crashes when launch the application or import a workspace layout setting file, or customization settings file.
a.       It maybe cause by the change of the unique ID of any persistent object. In the LinsUIWPF Suite, once a persistent object is assigned to a unique ID, the ID should not be changed anymore. If it needs to be changed, then there are several ways to prevent the mess up.
·         Open the AssemblyInfo.cs which resides at Properties folder of your application project. Add the following to the file,
using LinsUIWPF;

[assembly: FlexVersion(1)]
Every time you need to change a unique ID of any persistent object, you need to increase the version number, such as, from 1 to 2. In that way the LinsUIWPF Suite will use the programmatic setting to avoid mess-up.
·         Delete FlexUILayout.xml file and FlexUICustomization.cus file which are located under the folder defined by FlexUISettings.AppSettingPathso the LinsUIWPF Suitewill automatically use the programmatic setting to avoid mess-up.
2.     Why LinsUILayoutManager.chm file is not displayed correctly
a.       Right click at LinsUILayoutManager.chm file and select "Properties" on the popup menu.
b.      On the "General" tab, click the "Unblock" button.
c.       Then click "Ok".

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